That’s the Spirit!

In an age of increased cynicism about the supernatural, Source Theatre Company has assembled a series of stories by authors who bring sincere tales of spirituality to life. In the Presence of God, which was two years in the making, includes seven vignettes that touch on issues of body image, parental abandonment, death, healing and the dream world, all told through the lens of one human’s mysterious connection with his/her creator.

“This is a play about those moments in life where we receive a gift,” says director and Source co-founder Hugo Jon Sayles. “Sometimes it’s a small gift, but it alters what we do. It changes our lives in a big way, and in a small way. It’s those moments that intervene, that alter us, save us, redeem us, lead us back on the road of becoming more than who we are.”

The show opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Su Teatro, 721 Santa Fe Drive, with performances continuing through March 30. Tickets are $15; for a complete schedule, visit www.thesourcedenver.com.
Thursdays-Saturdays, 7:30 p.m. Starts: March 14. Continues through March 30, 2013

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