Thaw Out in Snowmass

The first ever Spring Weekend Meltdown in Snowmass is a chance to ease the transition from snowboards to pools and flip-flops. The three-day event combines the Snowmass Chili and Brew Fest with acrobats, DJs, dancers, models and an end-of-the-weekend Recovery Pool Party. "The Chili and Brew Fest has been going on for years at Snowmass," promoter Kevin Larson says. "We just added the After Dark Party and Pool Party to keep the weekend going."

Entertainment includes George Clinton, the Wailers and Brett Dennen. The Seasonal Brew Sampling and People's Choice Chili Tasting on Friday and Saturday offer a chance to warm your tastebuds and cool your tongue. Starting at 10 p.m. on Saturday, the After Dark Hotel Event includes performances by MTV recording artist Allie Pierre, DJ Brian Howe and the National Performers’ Alliance — made up of acrobats, dancers and models. "It could be anything, from characters doing back-flips to people doing trapeze," Larson says.

The Meltdown lasts from 4:30 p.m. today until 2 p.m. Sunday in Snowmass Village and at the five-star Viceroy Hotel, 130 Wood Road. Tickets are $99. For more information, call 720-936-2999 or go to
June 4-6, 2010

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Mark Dragotta