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The 1994 Twin Sitters movie trailer has us genuinely asking: WTF?

Taking an obvious cue from the catalog of great Arnold Schwarzenegger films, 1994's Twin Sitters has all of the stereotypes one could ever want out of a cast of D-list actors. Uppity white people (a real butler too!), bratty kids, a sassy black woman and, of course, the oily variety brohunks Peter and David Paul -- who star as gym-rats-turned-nannies-turned-crime-fighters -- all take this random movie clip to a new level of stupid stuff only the internet could give a never-ending life to.

It is hard to decide what, exactly, is going to be the best part of this film, based on the trailer. Is it the Barbarian Brothers' outfits, which consist of body builder string tank tops, radical truck stop bandanas, southwestern belts and some intensely pleated acid-washed jeans? Or is is the crappy dialog serving to prove that these animal brothers really are sensitive, caring, smart and funny baby sitters who (other than pumping lots of iron) just want to take care of kids and save the world from bad corporate suits?

We could barely squirm our way through this trailer, as we had a hard time looking at the Barbarian Brothers' boobs. But you never know -- it might entice you to watch the entire movie (which looks like it is available on YouTube in several parts, as all fine films are). If you do, let us know how it goes. Because we're already fearing supreme adulterer Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen. Unless he's coming back for Kindergarten Cop 2. But we could only be so lucky.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.