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The Art of Creativity: Get the kids out of your face with a free painting workshop tomorrow

Unoccupied kids are like a persistent noise that you can't find the source of: The din kind of hovers there just below consciousness, increasing in upward force like an inflating balloon held underwater. Or at least that's what it's like for me. In order to not go completely nuts, you need to keep them busy with something -- and what better to keep them busy with than art? Tomorrow, eventgallery 910 Arts hosts a free workshop for kids where they'll do just that and hopefully learn something on the side -- plus, the work they produce will be mounted in the gallery. How's that for constructive?

The workshop, "Destruction, Construction and Imagination: The Art of Creativity," is the brainchild of Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy, a painter with a studio at eventgallery who is also a pediatrician (his pediatric practice is sponsoring the workshop, is why it's free), who will use the time to let the kids brush, drip and splatter while engaging them in a conversation about the nature of creativity, art and why it's important.

It's a tie in to the exhibit on display this month at eventgallery, which is called, naturally, Play: Conversations about Creativity, a group show of three artists. During this month, all those artists are hosting workshops about the nature of their crafts -- the next workshop on November 6, for example, is devoted to "The Art of Photoshop" and hosted by Catherine M. Dutcher, a digital photography artist who is also on display.

The focus of tomorrow's workshop, though, is painting -- specifically on small, cubic canvasses, which, after they're done, will be mounted as a grid on an eventgallery wall as part of the exhibit. Because we all know half the fun of parenting is the bragging rights.

Eventgallery is located right in the heart of it at 910 Santa Fe Drive. Again, the workshop is free, but you're going to have to call in advance to reserve a spot, because space is limited. Here's that number: 303-815-1779.

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Jef Otte
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