The Beating Ski & Snowboard Film Fest returns to Silverton on New Year's Day

In September I reported from The Meeting, Aspen's 6th annual ski and snowboarding film festival showcasing most of the year's big-budget snow-porn flicks. Not hardcore enough for you? The Beating is Silverton's answer to The Meeting, an amateur film-shorts competition as different from Aspen's festival as Silverton Mountain is from the Aspen/Snowmass resorts.

This year's Beating kicks off on New Year's Day at 7 p.m. at Silverton's Pride of the West Tavern, 1323 Greene Street, co-presented by Freeskier Magazine, Snowboard Magazine, and the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center (SOLRC).

"If you are ripping huge lines, throwing killer tricks, and shredding deep powder, then now is the time to come share your work," writes Silverton Mountain co-founder Jen Brill. "The event will also help raise money for Silverton Mountain's High School scholarship ski and snowboard program."

Directors of the top five videos will win new Contour HD video cameras to help advance their filmmaking careers, and the top prize is (what else?) a heli drop at Silverton Mountain. Oh, and, almost forgot to mention... Silverton Mountain got more than 90 inches of new snow last week.

Here's last year's winner Scattered Flurries, filmed at Telluride by director Ben Knight:

[scattered flurries] from felt soul media on Vimeo.

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Colin Bane
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