The Best Medicine

For some, Greg Baumhauer is the foul-mouthed host of the open-mike comedy night at the Squire Lounge. For others, Baumhauer is the drag-queen waitress making you squirm, then over-tip, at the Bump 'n' Grind Cafe. For me, Greg is my comedy partner who recently broke both of his hands swerving to avoid a cat on his bike, and who has since undergone numerous surgeries to repair them. He's also my friend with no health insurance. So we're throwing him a benefit the only way we know how: by ridiculing him. The Baum Benefit, tonight at the Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street, will pull together Denver's top comedians (including Chuck Roy, Ben Kronberg and Troy Baxley) to skewer Greg for an hour and a half, then hand him the proceeds. Tickets, $20, are available at 303-595-3637 or, and all proceeds go to Greg. The poor bastard.
Tue., Oct. 30, 2007
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Adam Cayton-Holland