The Change-Up is this week's most ridiculous trailer

When two people somehow switch bodies with a little help from a magical fountain, high-jinks must ensue, and those high-jinks must be followed by life lessons about love and friendship. It's a formula as old as time -- which is not to say it can't work, and if there are two guys who can pull it off with smarts and aplomb, those guys are the hilarious and Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. Plus, with an assist from the supremely talented Leslie Mann and the writing team from The Hangover, how could you possibly go wrong? Apparently, The Change-Up could.

It's never a particularly good sign when a two-minute trailer comes book-ended with poop jokes within twenty seconds of either of its sides -- almost as if it wants to make its preoccupation with poop jokes impossible to forget, both throughout its run time and afterward. And that's pretty sad, because this trailer has parts that are genuinely witty.

I mean, don't get me wrong: I think farts and dicks are as hilarious as the next guy, but the thing is that, while farting sounds can be pretty awesome in the right context, poop is just never so much visually funny as visually disgusting, and the last time I wanted to see feces squirting into Jason Bateman's eye was never. Oh, and p.s., Jason-Bateman-possessed-by-Ryan-Reynolds: The image of Leslie Mann shitting is as gross to everyone else as it is to you. No, seriously.

Don't settle for a review of just the trailer -- read a real review!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.