The Circus Is Not in Town

Step back in time — and maybe a bit into the future, too — at the Time Traveller’s Circus, a three-day festival at the one-and-only Happy Ass Ranch, where you’ll find fire eaters and fortune tellers, models and magicians, the Vagabond Misfits and a variety of bands, clowns and juggling fools. “It’s past, present and future. We’ve got a little bit of everything,” says Skip Vena, owner of the ranch. It’s “kind of steampunk, we got some metal going on, we got some Americana, and we’ve got a whole round of circus acts.”

And apart from a special after-dark, adults-only show, it’s all family-friendly. So pack up the kids, your camping gear and maybe some outlandish costumes — why should the performers have all the fun? — and head for the Happy Ass Ranch, 202 CR 368 in Lake George (which is about two hours away, northwest of Colorado Springs). Get there by 5 p.m. tonight to maximize your circus time, and plan to stay through Sunday evening. Tickets are $40 for all three days, including camping; you can also get a day pass for $25 if you think your capacity for circus-themed insanity might be limited. Find a complete schedule and other information at
Aug. 17-19, 5 p.m., 2012

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