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The Colorado Symphony Orchestra welcomes Andrew Litton into the fold

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra was clearly looking for a high-profile name, and it got one: This morning the CSO announced the appointment of Andrew Litton as its Artistic Advisor, bringing the superstar in as something less than a full music director, but more than a guest in the ranks.

Litton will officially come on board as bench coach for at least three years on September 1, just in time to help the CSO navigate its way through a new season at Boettcher Concert Hall.

Litton is quoted in the CSO's press release as saying, "Though I was not looking for a formal relationship with another orchestra at this time, my decision to assume the role of Artistic Advisor of the Colorado Symphony was made simple for me. It's all about the relationship with the musicians. This is a very special group of players with an exceptional level of positive energy, dedication, and an intensity that I treasure. We enjoy a great relationship and a vital common vision to make the best possible music for the people of Denver and Colorado. While I can't fulfill the obligations of another music directorship right now, the perfect compromise is to assume the role of Artistic Advisor and is my dream come true."

And CSO president and CEO Gene Sobczak couldn't agree more: "Acknowledging the artistic excellence of the orchestra during this recent time of organizational change, Litton's appointment as Artistic Advisor will advance the musicians' ongoing development as one of the country's finest professional symphony orchestras."

The CSO's new season begins on September 28 with Gilbert Varga conducting Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique" and André Watts at the piano for the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2; visit the CSO online for currently available subscription packages.

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