The Dailies Show

If you’re headed to the Denver premiere of The Film Dailies, Boulder’s indie electronic act, you’re in for more than just music. Drawing on her experience as a promoter booking shows, Dailies member Molly Cherington decided to offer something beyond the usual supporting bands for the group’s local debut. “In seeing a few hundred shows this year, I’ve been the most inspired by events that showcase multiple kinds of art and in that way become more interactive for their audiences,” Cherington says. “People can dance if they want to, or talk and look at art if they want, or buy things — art or fashion.”

To that end, she invited artist Anna Loring to show her work and collected pieces from several other local artists; there will also be cutting-edge designs from the fashionistas at Fashion Denver. And while the Film Dailies play their set of post-Postal Service indie pop, they’ll be accompanied by the Telling Stories String Quartet and digital-visual artist Dilate. Also on the bill are three complementary acts — the chamber pop of Eleanor, the experimental electro-pop of B.Sous, and the dreamy wall of sound that is Iuengliss — plus a DJ.

The evening starts at 8 p.m. at the Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut Street; get there early in order to see everything before the bands get going. Tickets are $10, but a limited number of $5 tickets are available, as is more info, at
Sat., Oct. 3, 8 p.m., 2009

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