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The Damsels Dance Company takes on heavy local news in Denver on Fire

Between last summer's devastating wild fires, the Aurora shootings and other high-profile news stories, Colorado has had a rough year.

It is difficult to find a way to express the emotions that these events have evoked, but the Damsel Dance Company is trying to do that by communicating Colorado's fear and pain as well as hope, faith, and pride through dance.

Denver on Fire, which tackles these topics, begins tonight (although the first showing is sold out) and runs through May 22.

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Directed by choreographer Katrina Lairsmith, the piece touches on the fires and the shootings, as well as the Occupy Denver protests, the legalization of marijuana and civil unions.

Lairsmith, who is also the company's founder, says she proud of the show's message and of Damsels's reputation of putting on thought-provoking performances. She is particularly proud of this performance.

"Everything in this show happened here in Colorado," she says. "We don't want people to forget what happened. These tragedies brought the community together and we don't want to lose that."

Tonight's show is sold out, but tickets for tomorrow and Wednesday's performances can be purchased at The Avenue Theatre.

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