The Denver Art Museum will bring the bling in a home-grown Cartier exhibition next fall

The Denver Art Museum learned an important lesson when it brought 2012's Yves Saint Laurent blockbuster to town: The art of fashion is compelling, and not just to art aficionados, but to a wide cross-section of bling-lovers everywhere. Banking on a similar reaction, the DAM announced today that it will host Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, a house-produced exhibition of Cartier jewels and objects, put together with care by YSL designer Nathalie Crinière.

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"We are excited and honored to be the sole venue of this exhibition that is the first of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region," says DAM director Christoph Heinrich. "Brilliant will focus on 75 years of history and design, shining a spotlight on the beautiful aesthetics of each Cartier object. The exhibition will tell the story of the legendary design house, framed by key moments in world history." That should put a sparkle in everyone's eyes. Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century is set to open in November 2014 and run through March 2015; exhibition tickets will go on sale next summer. Stay tuned and visit the DAM online for information‎.

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