The Enduro: 66 runs of goodness

Last week, Arapahoe Basin held its 21st annual Enduro, a fundraiser for local non-profits. This year's beneficiary was Flight for Life, with 23 teams competing to see who could score the most runs on the terrain off the Pallavicini lift. Racers have to complete 20 different runs, so you can't just run laps on one run during the 10 hour competition. After completing the 20, you start over again.

This year's winners were Jamie Ober and Oliver Holmes, who skied 66 laps in the 10 hours. Ober and Holmes are also the record holder for the event, when they skied 71 laps in 2008. Second place went to Eben Mond and Mark Morris. Mond, a Flylow product tester, won the event last year with Flylow founder Dan Abrams, when they skied 69 runs. This year, Mond and Morris hit 66, but Ober and Holmes finished the last lap before them. Third went to brothers Dan and Dave Maynard, who skied 65 runs. The Maynard brothers were also the youngest team of two to compete.

Luke Miller and Caleb Melamed finished fourth with 64 runs. They did the Enduro on telemark gear, so their finish was all the more impressive.

The youngest competition overall was nine year old Hans Thompson, who skied with his mom Jody. Hans crushed his goal of 20 laps, finishing with 44. The top women's team was Michelle Gmitro and Melinda Lopez, who finished with 58 runs.

Also competing this year, solo, was Ed Boardman, who was skied in every Enduro. Boardman finished with 53 runs. 

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Candace Horgan