The first thing you need to know about hip-hop: It's all about your posture

But it isn't just that Dina is trying to educate us on how to "dance hip-hop" that is so disturbing--it is her weird desire to align with the hip-hop community over things like baggy-pants discrimination at clubs. She also discusses the fact that while growing up, her mother didn't understand that her slouchy posture. Luckily, as Dina shows us, slouchy posture is key to being a successful hip-hop dancer, so it works out for the best. 

Beyond really feeling hip-hip from the personal standpoint of a dance teacher (who we're guessing lives somewhere in the South) Dina grapples for a few moments with the dance's, er, lifestyle's own mortality. "What is she going to do when hip-hop goes out?" haters ask. You see, for Dina, hip-hop is her. It is who she is. It is a lifestyle. This is it. Peace, we're out.