The five greatest shows of Nickelodeon's golden age

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You Can't Do That on Television One of Nickelodeon's first big hits was You Can't Do That on Television, a kids' sketch comedy/variety show that was actually a Canadian import. Besides being the first place to introduce the talents of Alanis Morissette to the world, it was also a bastion of gross-out humor, from its liberal use of green slime to its crass, boundary-pushing skits -- like those featuring the world's least sanitary burger shop. In other words, it was full of the kind of stuff that kids love and parents hate. No wonder it was a hit.

Double Dare The green slime made famous by You Can't Do That on Television was also a big part of Double Dare, the network's flagship kids' game show. At its heart, it was basically a trivia program: answer questions, win cash. The fun -- and most of the appeal for its target audience -- came in the form of the show's physical challenges, which frequently involved doing something ridiculous, gross or both at the same time. Not only did TV Guide name it one of the top fifty games shows of all time, Double Dare was one of the few places to see someone trying to catch catapult-launched pies in their pants, which is never not funny.

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