The Hollyfelds

“Eating before practice helps a lot.”

With a mouthful of homemade pizza, drummer Sam Spitzer is explaining the secret of the Hollyfelds’ camaraderie. Before each rehearsal, the quintet sits down to a meal at the Spitzers’ home. What started as carryout has evolved to delicious home-cooked meals, compliments of Spitzer’s wife, Kristi. This small but significant ritual helps the bandmembers detach from their day jobs, focus on music and reconnect with one another.

The familial vibe of the Hollyfelds is no coincidence. The folk/country/Americana outfit began at Keith and Eryn Hoerig’s wedding. Keith is perhaps best known as the bassist for one of the Mile High City’s biggest breakout acts during the ’90s, Five Iron Frenzy, but his new wife’s songwriting inspired a very different project and led to the recently completed debut full-length Saratoga.

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Sat., July 19, 2008

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Eryc Eyl
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