The Horndribbles Are a T-Shirt Near You!

Cat is so stoked. Inordinately excited, actually. The Horndribbles -- Lucas Richards's and Sarah Cassidy's weird plushy monsters you've seen displayed at WaterCourse, the Fabric Lab, Andenken, Fakture and other venues around town -- are doing a show at Fancy Tiger this weekend. And they're presenting T-shirts with the visages of some of those ugly little beasts. There aren't any available yet for viewing, but these will go perfectly in Cat's collection of T-shirt oddities, right next to one of a Push Me-Pull You (see Doctor Doolittle, the book not the movie, for info on this tres cool mythical creature) from Katie Taft's "Imaginary Friends" series.

Happy dance, happy dance. Cat is doing the happy dance!

Be at Fancy Tiger on June 8, from 7:30 to 10 p.m., to get yours.

(Images via Fakture. Thank you.)


The Horndribbles Are a T-Shirt Near You!

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