The Long Runway

The Mona Lucero Design Boutique has brightened 15th Street on the edge of Highland since 2002, and the store’s longevity has a lot to do with being consistent: Lucero herself is the rare entrepreneur who perfectly balances creativity and business sense. Year after year, she’s built her indie retail enterprise on fresh ideas as a designer and affordable price points as a merchant, and it’s paid off — not just for her, but also for the faithful who flock to her store for her personality-stamped classics and fun gift items.

Once a year, Lucero struts her stuff (using live models that she jokingly calls her “living Barbie dolls”) on an in-store catwalk, where she shows off her latest collections in an artsy, downtown style. This year’s Mona Lucero Fashion Show, which vogues through the shop and right up into the display windows, will feature beautiful models, hair by Tuana Hair Design, makeup by Brows and lots of “fun dance music to keep it lively.” But the focal point, of course, will be Lucero’s hip, cross-cultural designs: ’50s-shaped circle skirts in brocades and flowery Asian prints; punky styles in a palette of red, black and gray; graceful, understated, side-fastened kimono dresses with modified obi belts and a new, green look for Lucero — restyled T-shirts updated with signature fabrics. “The combo is both funky and elegant,” Lucero says of the latter line, which includes an old Mickey Mouse T-shirt upstyled into a dress and overlaid with black lace.

Catch the show tonight at either 8 or 10 p.m. at the store, 2544 15th Street; admission is free, but be prepared to shop. For more information, call 303-458-0090.
Sat., Dec. 5, 8 & 10 p.m., 2009

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