The Mayday Experiment: Post #50, the Year in Pictures

This is my fiftieth post — after one year, two months and about seventeen days of building the tiny house. The structure is now finished, and the next step is the stairs and siding. To mark this milestone (and because I am working on a large-scale commission with an insane deadline!), this fiftieth post is an all-picture edition, looking back over the highlights, trials and triumphs of the last year. Enjoy!
It all started with a rainbow...and this pile of 2x4's.

It took some time, but we finally found a trailer!

My bestie, Aaron Loki Johnson, enjoying daydreaming on the trailer the first day we had it.

Philip Spangler and I had a lot to learn.

We were only able to find a dovetail trailer, so we needed to modify it to make it flat.  We also welded angle iron along the sides so we could extend the walls to the maximum width.

My friend Jeremy Vaughan was the first to come to the rescue with tools and knowledge and helped us cut the angle iron into shorter lengths, so we could save weight.

 We installed sheet metal for a moisture barrier and insulated the floor.

With crude sketches in hand, we laid out the shape of the house on the floor and started framing.
It took many hands, but we moved the walls out of the studio to the trailer, parked out front.

It was an exciting evening when the walls went up!

Next: plywood!
Then there was the day Philip TP'd the tiny house...
And the day the jacks broke and it collapsed.
We put in windows:

Only to have them broken by neighborhood vandals:

Through it all, Victoria Salvador and I have done a lot of planning:

And drank a lot of tea.

We kept plugging away, putting on the roof despite rain constantly stopping us.

We even got the skylight in.

Along the way, the tiny house has been to some amazing events where it sparked conversations, even before it was done.

We visited the Weidemeyer Ranch a part of the Launch Pad 2: L A N D exhibition, creating an installation with the tiny house.
We were invited to the Denver Art Museum for Untitled.

And we participated in Redline's 48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art.  

There's still a long way to go on this journey, before the journeying itself can begin.  I'm so thankful for good friends who have helped every step of the way, and everyone who has donated for the fundraising (which is still going on!).  These rewards will be going out very soon; I almost have enough made!  You can get yours (made from scraps of the building itself) by pledging at

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, a 2005 Westword MasterMind winner, is blogging out her tiny house project, The Mayday Experiment, on Show and Tell. If you'd like to support her journey, you can pledge here or here. See more of her work at

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Lauri Lynnxe Murphy