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The most ridiculous tattoos at Water World this weekend

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The sun finally came out this weekend after a long run of wild summer weather -- remember the hail and flooding last week? And yes, the wait was worth it. So what better way to spend a hot Saturday than at the pool? By going one bigger: Water World.

Apparently most of Denver had the same notion, as Water World was packed with people, lines and sunburns.And tattoos. Holy moly, there was a lot of ink. Some tattoos made us cringe, while others had us staring for more than just a second or two. Actually, we've been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time, and now we are certain which designs we don't want inked on our skin, thanks to these five Water World-goers. Check 'em out.

5. D Town Either this kid has a really lame nickname or just has a lot of hometown pride. Sure, we love Denver, too, but we'd never get a tattoo of one of the city's monikers placed permanently between our shoulder blades. After all, what happens when he moves to a city that doesn't start with the same letter? A trip to Tattoo Removal Town? 4. The Mixtape The mixtape is making a comeback, apparently. Why one would ever get one inked on her back, however, is beyond us. After all, you can't even play it. What makes matters worse is that this chick looked to be no older than sixteen, so Mom or Dad must have given consent, if not chosen the tattoo in the first place. 3. There aren't words... ...Besides "White Pride" apparently. C'mon, man, seriously?! 2. Double D. Boobs Ah, boobs, they're here, there and everywhere at Water World. Stand by one of the white slides and expect to see one pop out of a string bikini. Stand by the funnel cake shop and expect to see a pair of 'em sagging on a man. Regardless, boobs are always out in full force at Water World... even when they're tattooed on someone's arm, or on his chest (yes, we get the irony), or on his back. 1. "Murders" We imagine this tattoo to be like a teardrop tattoo -- the more people you kill, the more teardrops you get. This tattoo, though, with the word "Murders" inked across the guy's back, works more like a calling card, with each of his victim's faces underneath the word, than a statement of bad-assery. See the woman underneath the M? He probably offed her with an inner tube during his last Water World visit.

Well, that's enough about tattoos; we've got to go, you know, hire a personal security guard so we can return to Water World in August without worrying about becoming just another tattooed face.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.