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The MusucBag: Gear you want but don't need

Need something to wear to a New Year's Eve party where you plan on sleeping wherever you fall down? How about something for those cold nights when a Snuggie just isn't enough? Or a getup for the transitional phase between tent and outdoors and vice versa?

If you answered "yes" or even "maybe" to any of these questions, the unfortunately named MusucBag might just be your ticket to a better tomorrow.

The MusucBag is a new-and-improved version of the Selk Bag, a wearable sleeping bag inspired by garb historically worn by Chilean nomads to brave the elements. After enjoying a limited release for the holidays, the product will see broader distribution in 2010. Its "comfort temperature" is 45 degrees F and its "extreme temperature" is 9 degrees F, so the bag is not meant for sleeping atop a fourteener in the winter -- especially considering the former is based on "a 'standard' adult woman having a comfortable night's sleep." (No word on the comfort level of a New Year's reveler looking to sleep where they drop.)  And sadly, there is no fly.

It runs 89 British pounds (about $140) at www.lippiselkbag.co.uk.

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