The naked canvas will shine at a live body-painting expo at Xcentricity

Sophia Rose, owner of Xcentricity Gallery had so much fun body painting with artist Mythica vonGriffyn at her previous group show The Body Sacred, she decided to host a live body-painting event tomorrow, The Living Canvas, in which four artists -- Brian Dunning, Bobby MaGee Lopez, Jay Bautista and Rose herself -- will paint four models (including Michelle Wolff, Kaitlin Mitchell and Jackie Nudell) in front of guests.

Some of the artists use the "camouflage effect" while they are painting their model, matching the design to a background. But Bautista, an internationally renowned painter in town from Orlando, will paint his model free of any background. The effect of four artists painting at the same time emphasizes the intricate technique of body painting and the amazing transformation from human to art, says Rose.

Last month, Rose and von Griffyn recreated their

body "doodle" piece from The Body Sacred

at the

RAW Art event

, hosted at Casselman's, with model Jazmin Montano. "It was really fun," says Rose. "There was music, a lot people, and the body painting went off really well. We were probably the most viewed exhibit there."

Rose replicated the same image for Casselman's (with some differences, like Montano's hair blending into the background), but tomorrow's painting will be "very different, almost a henna-type design," she says. It will also be Rose's first solo body painting.

The Living Canvas will also serve as Xcentricity's one-year anniversary and its last hurrah; the gallery will close next month.

"Our lease was up, and we decided not to do another full year," says Rose. "I'm thinking about moving the gallery. I would like a larger space, and maybe a space with classrooms."

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Rose says that Xcentricity was a chance for her to see if she could make an art gallery work, and so far she's been very happy with the success of her events and classes. "It's been like my 'art lab,'" she says. "Whenever I've wanted to learn something, then we've have a class for it. Mainly because I'm really finding that I enjoy teaching more than anything."

Xcentricity will relocate to another area, most likely, but Rose says she'll miss Tennyson: "It's hard to leave," she says. " I love the Tennyson area, and I've become really fond of my neighbors and made a lot of friends."

The Living Canvas starts this Friday, May 4, at 6 p.m. - 11 p.m., at Xcentricity Gallery, 4020 Tennyson Street. For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.