The Offensive Line

In his routine, comedian Moshe Kasher succinctly lays out his feelings about comedy: "If at any point you become offended, we've established that it's just you being a bitch." In Kasher's world, the comedian is an entertainer who walks onto the stage to tell jokes, not cater to an audience. Still, he's managed to acquire plenty of fans in ten years of performing and has even won a few awards, including iTunes's Best New Comic of the Year in 2009.

What sets Kasher apart from a lot of alt-comics is his lack of self-deprecation. While he'll occasionally harp on his Jewish heritage, the majority of his jokes are structured to show how much smarter he is than you. But his views on medical marijuana are sure to be a hit in Colorado. For example, one of his jokes goes like this: "The clinics aren't even trying anymore. They'll try and feign a healthy environment with a green cross, but right next to it, in an old-school Beastie Boys font, it'll say, 'Get your smoke on, dawg.'"

Kasher will be at the Comedy Works downtown, 1226 15th Street, tonight through Sunday, November 20. Tickets are $12 to $20; for more information, visit or call 303-595-3637.
Nov. 16-20, 2011

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Thorin Klosowski
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