The Pajamas Letter - Part Four

We received a pajamas letter response in the mail!

No, it didn't come from our original pajamas lover. This one came from one of you, dear readers, someone who was obviously so inspired by our pajamas drawings that she just had to send us a depiction of her jammies.

And what a depiction it is, considering it comes from Kitzchy, a member of the fantastic local street art syndicate the Magnet Mafia:

Click for closeup

Pretty fly, huh? This is one gal who obviously loves her PJs. And since this is a Magnet Mafia creation, this laminated picture comes equipped with magnets on its back, which means it can be attached to metal ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

The ever-thoughtful Kitzchy also included a "Dirty/Clean" magnet that's perfect for sticking on our dishwasher -- or better yet, to use on our washing machine... when we're washing our pajamas!

Maybe Kitchy's creation has inspired your artistic side. If so, e-mail us a depiction of your jammy-jams or mail it to "My Normal Pajamas," Westword, 969 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. In the meantime, we're still waiting for the person who started it all to show off his or her normal pajamas. If we don't get something soon, we may have to take matters into our own hands... Stay tuned for part five. -- Joel Warner

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