The Pajamas Letter - Part Two

As you may remember, trusty readers, I recently came upon a mysterious, unsigned letter in the deposit-envelope receptacle of a downtown ATM machine requesting that I draw a picture of my "normal pajamas" and send it back in an included self-addressed stamped envelope. Since, as a rule, I always do exactly what random unsigned letters tell me to do, I followed the instructions -- with a few twists.

After all, this was obviously a sign from the all-knowing Fashion Gods. How could it be a coincidence that a letter inquiring about pajamas fell into the hands of a correspondent for the Cat's Pajamas? The only thing to do with such divine correspondence was to make the response a company-wide affair. So when our secretive pajamas lover opened the mailbox recently, there was a letter waiting including not one, not two, but 18 drawings featuring the normal pajamas of many of Westword's staff:

The Pajamas Letter - Part Two

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Of course, we didn't do all this work without expecting something in return. Along with these pictures we included our own mysterious self-addressed stamped envelope and a letter requesting a picture of the recipient's normal pajamas. Considering this person's obsession with nighttime garments, we're expecting the pajamas equivalent of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

While we're at it, we want to see your normal pajamas, too. Feel free to send us a drawing of your standard sleepwear -- or photo, collage or other creative representation of your choosing. E-mail it here or mail it to "My Normal Pajamas," Westword, 969 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. We'll post all submissions online and send them along to our pajamas-loving friend.

Stay tuned for part three. -- Joel Warner

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