The Pajamas Letter: The Response, and New Challenge!

A large, anonymous envelope was left at Westword’s front desk early this morning. Click on the photo to see what we found inside:

The Pajamas Letter: The Response, and New Challenge!

That’s right. Nearly two months after we discovered a strange letter in a downtown ATM machine asking for a drawing of our “normal pajamas” – which Westword’s editorial staff did en mass – the pajamas lover (or lovers?) has responded. And what a response it is, one that tops even the brilliant pajamas submitted a few weeks ago by a member of the Magnet Mafia.

Are these all the evening attire of our original pajamas lover and his or her colleagues? Or, better yet, could these be the responses he or she has received from people all over Denver -- and possibly beyond -- who found a similarly mysterious yet compelling normal pajamas letter? For the time being it's a mystery, since the envelope we just received contained no clue as to the author's identity or motivation -- but did offer a new, outrageous challenge. This was the last page of the package:

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So now you get to take part in this long, strange mystery. As you now know, there’s an elf slipper hidden somewhere in Denver. We want you to find it. Shouldn’t be that hard. Maybe there’s even a clue hidden somewhere in this letter or the pictures – though if there is, we here at Westword aren’t clever enough to figure it out.

So take to the streets, dear readers, with your eyes peeled for pointy green toes and shiny yellow buckles. Let us know what you find; as our pajamas lover promises, you’ll get a “kick” out of it. – Joel Warner

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