The Pineapple Express guide to violent stoner comedies: A Venn diagram

When it comes time to get out the sticky icky, do a few rips and get all airee, there's no better thing to do than plop down in front of the tube and let that shit rain all over your mind-grapes. Sometimes you get all giggly and you want to see something that will make you laugh, and certainly as a stoner you have a lot of comedy options tailored specifically to you: Half Baked, Don't Be a Menace, anything Cheech and Chong. Other times you want to something that's going to pop your eyeballs out with crazy-ass violence, and there, too, you're pretty well covered: Try Apocalypse Now or Ghost in the Shell, for example. But what if you want everything?

Luckily, you're covered there, too, as is the case with Pineapple Express, one of the most violent stoner-tailored comedies ever produced. In fact, given that slap-stick is a fairly integral component of any comedy (see: The Three Stooges), there are a lot of comedies out there with plenty of shocking bloodshed and brutality. Also, stoners pretty much like all movies, because, you know, they're stoned. So most movies could also be filed under "stoner flick."

Categorically, that means that there's a lot of overlap within the spheres of "comedies," "violent movies" and "stoner flicks," where many movies could, in different contexts, be considered more than one or all three. To illustrate, we've prepared this helpful Venn diagram:

Now go, young stoner, go forth and categorize things. If nothing else, it'll be mildly more entertaining than watching your fingers fing.

And after you're done doing that, go see the Film on the Rocks presentation of Pineapple Express tonight, with guests Air Dubai. The show starts at 6:45 p.m., and the movie gets going at dusk. Tickets are $12.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.