The Plastic Experience reimagines the Munny tonight at Next Gallery

Not all art has to have meaning. Some of it is made just for the hell of it, because it's fun to make art -- and sometimes that art ends up being beautiful. Or not. Munny shows tend to fall into this second category, just because it's cool to see what people end up with when they take brushes or beads or eyeballs or gunk to the surface of a blank vinyl, pop-culture toy.

Next Gallery in the Navajo Street Art District will benefit from the chemistry of Munny-decorating, when The Plastic Experience debuts with a reception from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight. The show is bound to both cute and gruesome, in keeping with the season, and will remain on view through October 28. Visit the website for more information, and read on for a funny Munny preview.

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Continue reading to see more Munnies. Continue reading to see more Munnies.

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