The ShredBak: Gear you want but don't need
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The ShredBak: Gear you want but don't need

If you've ever dreamed of wearing your drinking water? How about drinking from your clothes? Now you can do both with CamelBak's wearable ShredBak, the first wearable hydration system.

Released late last year, the ShredBak holds 72 ounces of water in a compressed state that keeps it from slogging and churning like a drunken monkey on your back. Plus your body heat keeps it from freezing solid.

Beyond its amazing thirst-quenching properties, the water also acts as insulation; CamelBak recommends it as a mid-layer when it's frigid and an outer layer when it's warm. The product joins the RaceBak and VeloBak, wearable CamelBak for bikers, in the company's wearable hydration category.

Beyond its water-related uses, the ShredBak might come in handy for wearing and drinking alcohol as well -- it seems an ideal tool for sneaking a six-pack into the ballgame, concert, or other pat-down venue. Plus it's much more slimming than the Beerbelly.

The ShredBak available in men's and women's sizes in black and white. Expect a price tag in the $150-to-$200 range.

ShredBak, made by CamelBak, Petaluma, California,


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