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The Ten Best Men's Street-Style Looks in Denver in 2014

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We found many fashionable men on the streets of Denver in 2014, on their way to work, school or a bar. Keep reading to see our ten best men's street-style looks from the past year.

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10) We spotted Gaia Dispensary budtender and trimmer Atticus Landa at Dateline, at the gallery's opening reception for You Look How I Used To. His colorful bucket hat in shades of maroon is from No Stems NYC, and he paired it with green socks and an Internet-based shirt. His look is both artistic and social-media savvy. 9) Jüna Hæm is a spiritual leader who has an artistic collective named Enter the Zoid -- or his "art cult," as he calls it. He caught our attention at this summer's Westword Music Showcase with his bold color choices of pink and green. His style definitely stands out. 8) Cashier Max Jackson is a punk who has classic footwear: Doc Martens boots. We admire his DIY mentality and the custom patches and stencils that adorn his wardrobe. Punk fashion is always rebellious, expressive and fun -- and Jackson does it well. 7) Outside the Mayan, we found student Craig Monte James hanging out and looking street-chic. His style mantra is to dress for yourself -- but his overalls and eclectic taste in accessories pleased us as well. Keep reading for six more of the best men's street-style looks. 6) David Giang, a biology student at the University of Texas in Austin, was wearing a clear UNIF hat when we saw him outside of Beauty Bar in September. "Clear accessories and fashion allow me to express my fashion style to another level -- and it looks so damn cool wearing it, " he told us. His minimal outfit of all black complete with transparent baseball hat definitely qualified as cool. 5) Wisconsin native Samuel Schuler was spotted last January wearing a cardigan, fitted joggers and Timberland boots. "My mom and sister own a boutique, so they always try to keep me fashion-forward," Schuler told us. We are digging this casual street-style. 4) Jomar White is a State of Colorado project manager we spotted in Uptown. "Architecture is a big point of inspiration for me, and so is urbanity as a whole," he said. We approved his urban combo of yellow pants with green toggle coat, orange scarf and headphones. The earthy, fall tones created a well-rounded look from head to toe. Keep reading for three more of the best men's street-style looks. 3) Graham Bandt-Law is a fashion designer based out of Oakland, with his own line of jewelry called Organic Bling. We enjoyed his mix of denim, Star Wars and custom jewelry. "My art is the physical manifestation of my life experience, my interactions with people, and the things I see in my head," he said of his fashion. We admire his vision. 2) Sound engineer Mike Sperandeo has a local witch-house band named Carrot Eater Music and also a killer style. We spotted him downtown in March wearing a blacked-out Gothic look, complete with industrial boots and pants from Gen-X. Then we saw him asecond time on the Auraria campus, where Sperandeo was sporting a black fur scarf and white outfit. He explained that wearing fur can be either ritualistic or a status symbol. We appreciate his dedication to experimenting with his style. 1) Andrew Caballero is a dance instructor we saw twice in 2014, wearing completely different looks. The first time he was in all-black in Uptown, the second time he was wearing all kinds of color in the late summer: tie-dye mesh jersey and an iridescent snap-back. "I draw inspiration from my surroundings, '90s, music, and other dancers," said Caballero.

Here's to more inspiration in 2015. This is the year for the men of Denver to present the best vision of themselves to the city. Have fun expressing yourself with fashion. You never know who could be watching: your future lover, boss or even a fashion blogger.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.