The Ten Best Spots in Denver for Father's Day Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

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5. Discount Fishing Tackle
2645 South Santa Fe Drive

For the fishing father, Discount Fishing Tackle is a safe bet. The store has a huge selection of equipment and live bait, plus a name that says it all: discount. You might not be as river-savvy as the old man, but the staff at Discount Fishing Tackle will help you pick out an economical yet thoughtful gift for Dad.

4. Ink Lounge
29 South Fox Street

You know what dads like? Drinking beer. It may not be scientifically proven that beer tastes better in a pint glass and that you look cool when you use a koozie, but that's no reason not to give both to Dad. Ink Lounge, Stu Adlen’s screenprinting studio, has a variety of cool items — including ManCraftival pint glasses.

3. Tap Dat Canvass
Various Locations
Sure, Canvas and Cocktails is something that Mom loves to do on a ladies' night, but Dad might enjoy cracking open a beer and getting a little artsy, too. Tap Dat Canvass heads out to local breweries and bars to combine an evening of painting with unique beer, wine and whiskey. Classes are taught by professional artists who can adapt to any student's skill level. After a few local craft beers, Dad will feel like the next Picasso.

2. Tymkovich Meats
6911 Washington Street

Headed to Dad's to celebrate Father’s Day? Stop by Tymkovich Meats and pick up some items he can throw on the grill.  The old-fashioned butcher shop has all kinds of items at affordable prices, whether you’re in the market for sirloin or elk jerky.

1. Waterworks Car Wash
276 Broadway

Remember when you got your driver’s license? Your dad probably threw you the keys to his car after you promised to bring it back washed and with at least a half-tank of gas. Go old-school this Father’s Day with a package to Waterworks Car Wash. For less than $50, you can get Dad five full-service car washes, and if you run out of time before Sunday, you can always purchase the ticket book or gift certificate online.

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