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The Ten Best Women's Street-Style Looks in Denver in 2014

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In 2014 the women of Denver pulled out all the stops with their street style. We spotted these fashionistas on campus, at shows and events, on their way to work, even waiting for Lady Gaga. Feast your eyes on the ten best womenswear looks of the past twelve months. See also: Top Ten Womenswear Moments of 2013 10) Vivan Doan is a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver. We spotted her in April, wearing a corset on campus. Her style philosophy: "Never overpay and just do you." Doan also demonstrates that you can have fun with your looks, even in class, and not succumb to business casual attire before it's absolutely necessary. Doan acknowledges that she will have to tone it down when she becomes a teacher -- but that day is not today. 9) Kitty Newlin is a life coach. At the Westword Music Showcase in June, her style raised her above the rest of the crowd on a pair of iridescent wings. Newlin likes to dress as you would in a dream, and she made our festival fashion dreams come true with her fantastical look: wings, floral headband and all. 8) Columbia College student Malaya Harris is a budding writer and also a punk at heart. We saw her at 17th and Glenarm streets, and her fashion expressed her interests in horror films, ancient Filipino history and punk bands like Crass, among other things. Harris says her friends taught her how to stud, paint and sew leather -- so her fashion also exemplifies how fashion can form bonds, connecting us all together. 7) Miami native and bartender Kellyann Salinas was wearing an eye-catching combo while waiting in line to see Lady Gaga outside of the Pepsi Center back in August. "Fashion is about looking good and feeling fine," she told us. Salinas was feeling fine in a UNIF skirt, TUK creeper platforms and Hey Arnold! crop top. She also rocked pink hair, a see-through backpack and forehead gems to prove you can pull off any look with confidence and the right attitude. Keep reading for six more of the best looks in 2014. 6) In September, Westword's Dish took over Sculpture Park, and Gina Zito, a professional dog groomer, showed that fashion is an art, too, by rocking neon orange tights, a floral skirt, a striped shirt and blue hair. "I just really love color. It's a good representation of my personality and reminds me to be as outgoing as possible. I always feel like you should dress how you want to feel," she explains. Her style definitely puts a smile on our face. 5) Multi-media artist Chiara Giovando was visiting Denver when we spotted her on 35th and Larimer streets. She'd picked up her black-and-gold chain-link detailed Chanel jacket at a thrift store in Boulder. "I don't think it's real," Giovando admitted, "but it looks nice." Sometimes we don't need real designer labels to put that extra pep in our step; Giovando proves that knock-offs can do the trick. 4) Hairstylist Talie Ayers is the owner of Three Birds Salon; we spotted her on Colfax this fall wearing a maxi-dress and killer accessories. "I love accessories that are can be worn multiple ways," she said. Here she demonstrated how to wear a scarf as a head wrap, along with baroque shades from True Love. "I love floral prints. I feel like you should always stop and smell the roses. It's a timeless trend," she added. We agree. Keep reading for our last three looks of 2014. 3) We spotted Denver native and Rooster intern Madelyn Hadel at First Avenue and Broadway rocking red, high-waisted pants with a black turtleneck and lots of gold jewelry: necklace, belt and earrings. "I felt like a pin-up and wanted to make it tough with the chains," she explained. We love how she blended two styles and made a look that was all her own. 2) In November we caught Heather Okimoto, editor in chief and creative director of Denver Style Magazine, at Larimer Square's Winter Fashion Show at Edge Lounge. The editrix was wearing an embellished headband with a faux-fur vest, and made the valid point that fur adds a texture to your wardrobe that no other pieces can. 1) Liz Fitter is a makeup artist and student who joined in the 2014 Zombie Crawl. It took her over two hours to get ready, she admitted: "I had to glue the plastics on and then paint it, then all the blood and blending." The result was a killer look that was distinct zombie realism; her red go-go boots from a Boulder vintage shop added a pop of color and fun to the macabre look.

The women of Denver continue to put their best foot forward and stop onlookers dead in their tracks with their killer styles. Cheers to all the fashionable ladies of Denver: Keep doing what you're doing, and always treat the sidewalk as a catwalk.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.