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The Westword 2014 Arts and Culture Bucket List: #15-6

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#12: Take a stroll through time across the Millennium Bridge.

The world's first cable-stayed bridge of its kind, the Millennium Bridge's modern arc crosses over some of the oldest parts of Denver while connecting downtown bustle with Highland's blend of old and new. The Central Platte Valley footbridge might not be as grand as the Golden Gate or Brooklyn bridges, but it does offer a short walk through time to all who cross it.

#11: Hold a seance in Cheesman Park

If there's anywhere in Denver to ghost-hunt, it's the old Mount Prospect Cemetery, known today as Cheesman Park. Its history includes a very Poltergeist, they-left-the-bodies-but-moved-the-headstones tale: Undertaker E.P. McGovern was hired in 1893 to remove the corpses from the cemetery, but saved money by hacking up bodies, putting them in child-sized caskets and never finishing the job. Maybe 2014 is the year to commune with the disgruntled spirits. Bring candles and break out the Ouija board.

#10: Shop your way down Broadway from First Avenue to Englewood.

Hipster Heaven, thy name is South Broadway -- if your idea of a good time is hitting every edgy boutique and antique store on Denver's own Great White Way. There are plenty of coffee spots and bars where you can caffeinate or quench along the way -- not to mention exotic ice cream parlors and hip eateries -- so it's easy to make a day of it.

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