The Yuk Stops Here

Christian Finnegan is part of the current wave of indie comedy, a trend that sees comics offering somewhat unconventional comedy in non-traditional comedy venues, such as the “rock clubs, shithole bars, empty conference rooms, real estate seminars, Turkish whorehouses, bat mitzvahs, doggy fashion shows, crackhouses and nursing home key parties” that Finnegan cites in his bio. Is his comedy as “indie” as these locations? While Finnegan’s riffs on the hassles of traveling with his girlfriend wouldn’t sound out of place coming from Jerry Seinfeld’s mouth, it’s hard to imagine Seinfeld dropping jokes about losing a watch during a threesome, delivering painfully detailed descriptions of an audience member’s parents’ sex life as a way of berating him for celebrating a birthday, or making esoteric jokes about The Elements of Style. That range, combined with the inherent nerdiness of some of Finnegan’s material — a favorite bit explains how he came to hate his hometown Boston Red Sox after being picked on by bullies wearing Sox caps — definitely give him a leg up on the standard standup shtick.

Finnegan has released two comedy albums, the Two for Flinching CD and Au Contraire! DVD, and he’s also a bona fide TV star: He appeared weekly on VH1’s Best Week Ever and TV Land’s Game Time, and has made guest appearances on The Chappelle Show and Countdown With Keith Olbermann. But you can catch him in person at Comedy Night With Christian Finnegan, tonight at 9 p.m. at the Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut Street. Tickets are $20; to get yours, or for more info, visit or call 303-292-0529.
Fri., June 5, 9 p.m., 2009

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