This week in genre film: Troll 2, Best Worst Movie and more

Denver's a great place for fans of the big five of genre film (that's sci-fi, fantasy, horror, exploitation and cult), as every week we get a generous helping of selections to choose from. As usual, we're rounding up your options for the weekend to come and the following week, and making a recommendation of one can't-miss film. This week, we have a documentary about the best worst movie ever made and the terrible movie it's all about. Bonus!

Pick of the Week: Best Worst Movie & Troll 2 Where: Starz FilmCenter, Tivoli building on the Auraria Campus When: Various times Why?: Best Worst Movie is a brilliant documentary about one of the most entertainingly terrible films ever made and its cult of rabid fans. Troll 2 is the movie it's about. Put them back-to-back and you have an intensely entertaining double feature for the weekend. Plan on the 7:30 p.m. showing of Best Worst Movie Friday or Saturday and you'll be done just in time to catch Troll 2 at 10 p.m. Best Worst Movie will show for a week, through September 2, but for maximum enjoyment you'll want the option of catching Troll 2 as well, and you can only do that this weekend. (Read more about Best Worst Movie in this week's Night & Day piece on the film.) More info/tickets:

Also Showing

Mile High Sci-Fi presents Time Cop Where: Starz FilmCenter, Tivoli building on the Auraria Campus When: 8 p.m. Friday August 27 and 7 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday August 28 Why?: Mile High Sci-Fi turns its rapier-sharp wit on the Muscles from Brussels and one of the more ludicrous movies he ever made, which is really saying something. Jean Claude van Damme and time travel -- the jokes practically write themselves, which means the MHSF crew should be well stocked with material to riff on. More info/tickets:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Where: Esquire Theatre, 600 Downing Street When: Midnight, Friday, August 27 Why?: The original midnight movie about everyone's favorite Transylvanian transexual, presented with a live assist from Colorado's Elusive Ingredient. More info/Tickets:

Spaceballs Where: Esquire Theatre, 600 Downing Street When: Midnight Friday, August 27 & Saturday, August 28 Why?: Arguably Mel Brooks last great movie, Spaceballs is first and foremost a skewering of Star Wars, but it mixes in jokes about every sci-fi classic that existed at the time. When you watch those Star Wars Robot Chicken specials and Family Guy episodes, remember they owe a tremendous debt to this film. More info/Tickets:

Blood: The Last Vampire Where: Thin Man parking lot, 2015 East 17th Avenue When: Wednesday, September 1 at dusk (9 p.m. ish) Why?: It's a solid anime outing about one of the last surviving vampires and her secret mission to destroy strange creatures. Plus, it's free! Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, though. More info/Tickets:


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