This week's most ridiculous trailer: Is The Green Hornet a metaphor for weed?

Hey, have you ever wondered what it would be like if that guy who made Pineapple Express made a comic book movie? If you smoke weed, it's likely that you have -- so congratulations: You have now officially become a viable market demographic. Sure, it's true that Judd Apatow was not involved in the making of The Green Hornet -- but Seth Rogen is pretty much the next best thing (or may be even better); not only is everyone's favorite lovable stoner teddy bear inexplicably playing a superhero in the movie, he wrote the script. And from the looks of the trailer, a beloved comic book hero is not the only thing he's paying tribute to.

Skeptical? Then skip, if you will, to 1:54, when Rogen shoots himself in the face with a "gas gun," rendering himself unconscious, with a plume of green smoke coming from his nostrils -- how's that for a metaphor for bong rips? Speaking of green (and yes, by "green" we do mean "the green"), there's a pervasive current of, uh, verdant imagery happening here. Sure, he's the Green Hornet and all, and that character is not necessarily inherently connotative of weed, but (especially considering the characters are vigilantes living outside the law, good guys who will "pose as villains to get close to the bad guys, that way nobody will suspect we're really the good guys" -- which, just by the way, is great stoner logic) doesn't it make sense to take it there? And if that's not enough for you, listen a little closer. Hear that soundtrack? Yeah, that's a Cypress Hill song.

Consider your mind grapes popped.

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Jef Otte
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