@ThomasLennon is our favorite creep

First of all, we want to give a shout out to Thomas Lennon for including in his brief Twitter bio that he was on The State. The comedian, actor, writer and producer has been involved with dozens of projects since the short-lived '90s MTV skit show, but Lennon knows what his fans love: His total weirdo comedy shit. Like the voice of a long-lost creepy 20/20 anchor, Lennon's ability to sound like an authority on anything is what makes his tweets the best. If only Twitter was able to read Lt. Dangle's tweets to us, we would never have to leave this computer. This tweet reminds of teenage girls on Myspace in the early 2000s -- they all thought they could control who looked at their crotch-shot photos, even though nothing on the Internet is private. But the image of Lennon wearing a secret armor of glitter under his clothes is already more visually entertaining than any suburban deviant with a camera, and we appreciate that he talks to his followers as if they were the only tweeters in the world. Right? Who even reads Notes on Facebook anyway? Speaking of Myspace, when the stay-classy version of it appeared under the moniker Facebook, all personal blogs (and any other signs of creativity) were made a passé part of social networking. Like us, Lennon knows that no one reads that shit, and no one cares. We go on Facebook to troll photo albums of people's weddings we weren't invited to and laugh at embarrassing status updates -- not to read your crappy notes. Yes! Just what we want to hear. Lennon is a supreme creeper, and of course we'll tune into that horrible TNT show Memphis Beat to see him do what he does best -- be a creeper. It is also the only way we can stomach Jason Lee's hokey Elvis impersonator-cop routine on that show, because believe it or not, Lee has found a series worse that My Name Is Earl to devote his time to.

And in case you forgot how awesome The State was, here's a refresher:

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