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Three bad movies that deserve to win a Golden Raspberry

As the Denver Film Society prepares to celebrate the worst movies of 2013 at tonight's Golden Raspberry party, Westword asked a few players (those that were brave enough to talk about it) in the local film about which flicks they think were the biggest flops.

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Tony Shawcross

Tony Shawcross, the Executive Director of the Open Media Foundation, has an uncanny ability to steer clear of trash. "I don't really see bad movies much. Most movies, I find you get what you expect and deserve. I saw several shitty ones at the festival, but those are so obscure," he says. He is willing to admit that outside of Bruce Dern's performance in Nebraska, he was horrified by the quality of the acting.

Ernie Quiroz

Denver Film Society programming manager Ernie Quiroz does enjoy the occasional bad movie, but only by choice. "I am lucky. I don't really have to sit through a bad movie if I don't want to. Other people in this business don't have the luxury of skipping Grown Ups 2 or After Earth. I know I'm never going to show those at the FilmCenter. I don't have to review those movies, so, thankfully, I can skip them. The only bad movies I see are ones I see by choice. And I chose to see The Lone Ranger."

Matthew Campbell

Quiroz's fellow programmer Matthew Campbell also has the privilege to avoid rusty, Hollywood tent-poles, though he watches a ton of clunkers submitted to the festival. His least favorite movie of 2013 was The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, now retitled Charlie Countryman.

"I think it's the worst film I've ever seen at Sundance. On paper it sounds intriguing and should have been a gripping sex, drug and action filled romp through Eastern Europe. But the whole thing was a mess, overly kinetic and confusing to the point where you can't care less what happens. And Shia LaBeouf does not help the film's cause, to say the least."

The Denver Film Society will celebrate the worst films of 2013 at the Golden Raspberry party tonight at 8pm, at the Sie FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax Avenue. Tickets are $20 for non-members and include three films and specialty cocktails. For more information, got to the DFS website.

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