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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, December 29-January 1

The fun doesn't stop from Christmas to New Year's, so we'll be keeping the party going by watching movies, rocking out and singing the best music ever made. Check our online Westword calendar to see all the ways you can ring in 2015, and if we missed any bargains, tell us about them in the comments section below.

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DADA Ciné-Club at DADA Art Bar (Monday, free) DADA, a forward-thinking bar/coffee shop/art gallery, will debut its cine-club tonight, featuring the beautiful, dark French omedy A Christmas Tale. Following the film, show off your smarts on movie-inspired trivia. And as an added bonus, check out the last installment of New Wave the World Over at Cafe Max on Wednesday.

In The Whale at Larimer Lounge (Tuesday, free) Need a warm-up party for New Year's Eve? This is it. One of Denver's most lively and entertaining two-man rock bands wants to say thanks to its hometown before hitting the road for the next few months. Come say goodbye and wish the duo luck during this loud, fun and free rock show.

Underground Karaoke at Goosetown Tavern (Tuesday, free) If you love karaoke but you're sick of hearing some drunken mess sing "Don't Stop Believing," don't miss this karaoke party. Croon Morrissey, shout some Misfits or keep it sober and bellow Minor Threat. Sing whatever your new wave, punk, hardcore or ska spirit can muster up.

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