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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, February 6-9

Open your mind to the vision of Laleh Mehran.
Open your mind to the vision of Laleh Mehran. Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver Facebook
This week is going to keep us entertained — but more important, it's going to be enlightening. We're talking to artists, activists and badass women, as well as learning how culture spreads. Check the Westword calendar for even more to do.

Artist talk With Laleh Mehran
Center for Visual Art/MSU
6 p.m. Wednesday, free

Meet Laleh Mehran: artist, educator and immigrant. The child of Iranian scientists, Mehran came to this country as a kid in the 1970s. Science, heritage, dissent and exile all influence her art, which has been shown worldwide. Join in a discussion with the artist to learn more about her complicated relationship with politics, theology and science. Click here to RSVP.

The Reconstructionists: Create
McNichols Building
6 p.m. Thursday, free

Hear about the amazing life journeys of a few of the most badass women in our community: Nita Mosby Tyler, Sarah Jackson and Rosa Guzman-Snyder. Be inspired by what they've overcome, and learn how you can contribute to positive change. Bring pictures and memorabilia of the strongest women you know to add to the community scrapbook of badass women at this Warm Cookies of the Revolution gathering.
Find out how Asian culture arrived in the United States, via Mexico. - MUSEO DE LAS AMERICAS FACEBOOK
Find out how Asian culture arrived in the United States, via Mexico.
Museo De Las Americas Facebook
Tornaviaje/The Return Route Opening Reception
Museo de las Americas
6 p.m. Thursday, free

Nearly 500 years ago, the first ships launched from the west coast of Mexico, heading to Manila in search of goods and spices, but they returned with so much more. The first exhibition of the new year at Museo de las Americas uncovers how Asian culture arrived in the United States, via Mexico. The museum is throwing a party to kick off the exhibit, so enjoy the music and refreshments as you learn about how culture travels.
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