Mario Zoots shows the interns at ArtLab how to put on a show this week at PlatteForum.
Mario Zoots shows the interns at ArtLab how to put on a show this week at PlatteForum.

Three Things to Do for Free in Denver July 13-16

Even though rents are rising as quickly as the temperature around here, there are still plenty of bargain entertainment options around — particularly with the Biennial of the Americas opening Tuesday. On Thursday alone, you can become an active member of the beer community, check out cool art and learn the ways of a master comedian — all for free. For more activities, see the Westword calendar — and if we missed any great free events, feel free to share them in our comments section.

Swap some hop at Denver Beer Co.
Swap some hop at Denver Beer Co.
Denver Beer Co Facebook

5th Annual DBC Hop Swap at Denver Beer Company (4 p.m. Thursday, free)
Hop over to Platte Street for the annual hop swap — and get there early, because there are only 150 plants to pass out. If you get one, you'll be entrusted with planting the hops and tending it for the fall harvest — when the brewery will turn the harvest into a super-limited locally sourced craft brew. And you'll reap your rewards in the form of a growler of the stuff: This is the event that just keeps on giving. 

[IM]POSSIBILITY Opening Reception at PlatteForum (5:30 p.m. Thursday, free)
When you were a kid, the best part of summer was camp — if your family could afford it. Thanks to PlatteForum's ArtLab, local kids have been going to creativity camp with one of Denver's most well-known artists, Mario Zoots, learning the art of collage and found object appropriation, and now they're ready to show their stuff.

Talking SHOP with Nora Lynch at Mutiny Information Cafe (7 p.m. Thursday, free)
TheTalking SHOP series is going strong, thanks to organizer Andrew Crawford, who lets comedy nerds get up close and personal with local jokesters. Tonight you can come meet Nora Lynch, who's been headlining clubs around town for the past twenty years. Find out what she thinks of comedy and the evolving scene, and talk some shop.

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