Rock your socks off at the GoPro Mountain Games this week.
Rock your socks off at the GoPro Mountain Games this week.
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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver June 1-4, 2015

June is here, and it's brought plenty of fun — much of it free. This week you can watch movies, look at art or get sporty in the mountains...and that's just the start of the bargain entertainment. For more options, check the online Westword calendar — and let us know in the comments section if we missed a good deal. 

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Big Hero 6 at Infinity Park at Glendale (7 p.m. Monday, free)
You know summer is as good as here when you can gather up the posse, pack a snack and a couple beers, and watch a movie outside. Glendale's Infinity Park movie series kicks off tonight with the stay-puffy robot Baymax and his heroic cast of friends in Big Hero 6, a film for kids and adults alike.  

Tuesday is for the birds at The Matchbox.EXPAND
Tuesday is for the birds at The Matchbox.
Charly Fasano

Charly Fasano: Get the Bird Out at The Matchbox (6 p.m. Tuesday, free)
Charly Fasano began making art to support his poetry: He felt the need to pair the words he'd penned with visuals — and so he created the art himself. His latest exhibition, opening tonight at The Matchbox, features large-scale drawings and paintings of surprised birds and humans who capture the startling little moments in life.

The dogs are going wild at the Mountain Games.
The dogs are going wild at the Mountain Games.
Jake Shane

GoPro Mountain Games at Vail (all day, Thursday)
Take the day off and head for the hills. At the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, you'll see some unique athletic competitions that are capped off with a concert at night. The fun and games continue through the weekend, but you won't want to miss today's dock-dog competitions, fun runs, yoga, musical performances by Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and a special screening of Valley Uprising

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