Build a beer castle fit for a princess at Denver Beer Co this week.
Build a beer castle fit for a princess at Denver Beer Co this week.
Brandon Marshall

Three Things to Do for Free in Denver May 11-14

Hopefully you got to treat mom over the weekend, but now it's time to treat yourself. This week, treat yourself like a princess and build a beer castle, discuss issues over some coloring books and go behind the scenes of sketch comedy all for free. Check out the Westword calendar for even more cheap happenings this week, and drop a comment if we forgot anything. 

Princess Yum Yum: Can Castle Contest at Denver Beer Co (all day Tuesday, free)
Celebrate the start of American Craft Beer Week at Denver Beer Co today, when the brewery's raspberry Kolsch-style Princess Yum Yum will be released in cans. To mark this august occasion, the brewery is hosting a contest in which customers can explore their inner princess and build a castle out of the cans. The creator of the best castle will be announced on the brewery's Facebook page the next morning, and get four six-packs of their choosing. Yum!

Civic Stitch and Bitch at McNichols Building (6 p.m. Wednesday, free)
Bring your whittling stick, crochet needles, sketch pad or knitting to the McNichols Building, and whistle about the issues of the day while you work. You can bitch about immigration, police, aging, money and so much more; there will be experts in assorted fields to facilitate discussions — and crafts experts will also be on hand to give you some hobby ideas. So get your creative juices flowing while the civic discussion gets going.

The Nix Bros are funnier than you, so come learn about their craft.
The Nix Bros are funnier than you, so come learn about their craft.
Ryan Brackin

TALKIN Shop with The Nix Bros at Mutiny Information Cafe (7 p.m. Thursday, free)
The TALKIN Shop series is a super-cool way to get inside the mind of a comedian, and tonight Anthony Crawford will host sketch-comedy geniuses the Nix Bros. You've no doubt seen their work on the Internet featuring Denver mainstays like The Grawlix and The Fine Gentlemen's Club, and the brothers will soon be taking their talents to Los Angeles to help write Those Who Can't with Adam Cayton-Holland and Ben Roy. Before they go, learn more about the comedy craft — and have some laughs along the way.

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