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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, November 24-27

This is fall break for college kids -- and everyone who still wishes they were college. Thursday is reserved for relatives, but the rest of the week is a weeklong party. Everything from goth dancing to psych rock concerts and sexual karaoke are all free, so you can save your money to buy those pies you're supposed to bring to Thanksgiving. Don't forget that the online Westword calendar has a complete listing of events around town to entertain those houseguests, and if you know of any bargains we missed, share the info in the comments section below.

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Vinyl Mondays-Goth Night at Hi-Dive (Monday, free) It's hard to find a bar that turns up the Bauhaus or Joy Division, but Hi-Dive's got you covered tonight. It's going to be loud and completely on vinyl, the way it should be. You can't dance like Ian Curtis, but you sure can try.

SomeBodY debut show with building a desert at Mutiny Information Cafe (Wednesday, free) If you danced to Siouxsie and the Banshees on Monday night at Hi-Dive, take it across the street on Wednesday for some good old rock 'n roll. SomeBodY plays Americana psychedelic soul rock and building a desert has that classic Built To Spill Sound. We're grooving this week, people.

Thanksgiving Eve Dong Gong Show at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (Wednesday, free) Thanksgiving Eve is a great time to party. You can sleep in the next day, and then indulge in the ultimate hangover cure: eating like a glutton. The Dong Gong Show is a crazy costume karaoke party modeled after the '70s The Gong Show. Wear a costume and get weird and maybe make it to the finals for some prizes, but fair warning: If you're blowing it on stage, you'll feel the wrath of a footlong dong hitting the gong.

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