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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, October 20-23

Don't let Halloween sneak up on you before catching one of the most influential horror movies of all time. And talk about scary -- you can also read aloud from your teenage diary, or try to swallow a hot dog while laughing at Wisconsin comics. For a complete list of all things frightening, funny and fun this week, visit the Westword calendar. And if we missed a great free event, let us know in the comments section below.

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Classic Horror: The Bride of Frankenstein at Denver Central Library (Tuesday, free) The classic 1935 movie that mixed homosexuality, necrophelia and sacrilege screens tonight. Even in a month filled with spooky movies, this one is not to be missed -- and it's free!

Hotdogs and Hamburgers a Comedy Tour at The Squire Lounge (Thursday, free) There's nothing like laughing at a joke while you're on the verge of choking on a hot dog. Comedians Nick Hart, Sammy Arechar, Mr. JayJ and Steve Breese packed their van full of coolers and BBQ grills, and are driving from Wisconsin to feed Denver's comedy fans and make 'em laugh.

My Teenage Angst at Deer Pile (Thursday, free) When you're a teenager, you become the center of your own universe. No one understands you, so you pour out all your pent-up feelings about your miserable life in a journal. It's always pretty funny to look back on those scrawls -- and now you can crack open the emotional vault and read them aloud to an audience. Sign up here to relive those adolescent days with a crowd.

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