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Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, September 15-18

Last week's weather gave us a preview of the frigid temperatures to come. So this week, why not check out a free knitting class -- so you can make yourself a scarf before the snow really flies. You can also learn the history of a couple of cemeteries and party at the Boulder Fringe Festival -- without spending a dime!

For a complete list of events this week -- free or not -- go to the online Westword calendar, and tell us about more bargains in the comments section below.

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Madame Defarge's Knitting Salon at Denver Central Library (Monday, free) Knitting and crocheting are good hobbies for the upcoming cold months. They help pass the time constructively, allow you to create inexpensive gifts, and give you that warm glow that comes from making something with your bare hands. If you're not an aficionado of the the needles, come to tonight's salon for beginners and advanced stitchers as well. (If you can't make it tonight, the class will repeat the next few Mondays.)

Riverside Cemetery Summer Tour at Riverside Cemetery (Wednesday, free) Get a jump start on the scary season and take a tour of Denver's oldest cemetery -- in the process learning the Colorado history they didn't teach you in school. There will also be a free tour of Fairmount Cemetery on Thursday night. Boulder International Fringe Festival at Dairy Center for the Arts (Wednesday-September 28) The Fringe Festival is a staple in Boulder, featuring performers of every variety -- and some shows are free! The Fringe Fest starts on September 17 and runs through September 28. The Big Time Daily Show is the big bargain; starting on Thursday, September 18, every evening at 10:30 p.m. audience members, artists and crews will come together at the Dairy Center for an informal variety show of performances and interviews that's absolutely free. Find out more here.

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