Three Things to Do for Free in Denver This Week, August 4-7

August is here, which is a bummer for those who love summer. But there's still plenty to do before your favorite season ends -- and much of it is free! Keep reading for three of our favorite free events this week, and check the Westword calendar for a complete listing of events around town. See also:The ten best geek events in Denver in August

Shel at 1801 California (Wednesday, free)

Join a fast-rising group of sisters from Fort Collins on the plaza for this free concert. From the handmade top hats to the fanciful music, Shel offers plenty to see and listen to.

Nevermind the 90s at PACE Center

Celebrate the past with

Gin Blossoms


Eve 6


Better Than Ezra

jams at this free throwback cover-band party. Bring a blanket and a picnic, if you want.

Mars Science Laboratory Two Year Recap at Lookout Mountain Nature Center Find out what's been happening on the Red Planet tonight as Adam Pender, one of the engineers involved in landing the Curiosity Rover, leads listeners on a journey all over the former unfamiliar territory. It is a free event, but register for tickets ahead of time here.

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