Tim Gunn's Guide to Becoming Fabulous

Tim Gunn's Guide to Becoming Fabulous

It's good to know that Tim Gunn wasn't always the fabulous make-it-work guy we've all come to love on Project Runway. Cat just got her signed copy of his new book, A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style, and he's pretty candid and forthcoming in it so far. Hopefully his new TV show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, which premieres September 6, will follow suit.

An excerpt from the book:

For years and years, I was Associate Dean at Parsons. In that capacity, I wore a suit and tie every day -- gray, grayer, and grayest. Frankly, it wasn't until my position at Parsons shifted to Chair of the Department of Fashion Design -- temporarily I thought -- that I came to sobering terms with who I am. It was sobering, indeed, to look at myself objectively and see a stuffy, buttoned-up old fart. I became very aware of Donna Karan's glares, Marc Jacob's snickers, and Diane von Furstenberg's slight sniffs of disdain.

Yipes! Can you imagine anyone sniffing with disdain at Tim? At least he and Diane are good friends now -- at least according to the book.

Anyway, more words of wisdom from Tim coming as Cat uncovers them. Love that man.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Becoming Fabulous

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