Tim Tebow turns fans into farm animals at his Tattered Cover book signing

Tim Tebow knows how to draw a crowd. For his book signing yesterday at the Tattered Cover in LoDo, Tebow signed books before the multitude of about 600 devout fans, and we're talking very, very devout. It was like Jesus Christ had come down from heaven to sign copies of the Bible -- or maybe its spin-off, Through My Eyes, by the one and only Mile-High Messiah.

Amid the hordes and hordes of people (mostly white), there were at least fifty people in sight at one time wearing Tebow jerseys, either from his time with the Florida Gators or now as a Bronco. Nevertheless, the number 15 was everywhere. You had the moms and their daughters that were dressed just sexily enough to secure a passing glance from the Tebester, and the middle-aged dads with their college or pre-teen sons, their Broncos hats and, most significantly, their fanny packs.

Yes, it was like the people were all standing in line for a brief glimpse at heaven itself. You know that spine-tingling feeling of anticipation you got when you were little and you were waiting in line to get into Disney World (also from Florida)? From the looks of most of those middle-aged faces, they were feeling the same way about Tebow World.

After an hour and a half of waiting in line like cattle weaved throughout the aisles of the upper level of Tattered Cover, each person got maybe a minute with the Tebester. He shook hands, smiled for photos with the ladies and the younger fans (despite his fifteen or so handlers who said Tebow would NOT be posing for photos) and even greeted every person with a smile and a "Nice to see you" -- he was certainly making it very difficult to resist his Tebownian charms. One woman even came out clutching her copy of Through My Eyes and saying "My God, I love that man."

In the two minutes I had with Tebow (before his handlers pushed me along -- call me greedy), I asked him if there was anything he would have liked to include in Through My Eyes but didn't. His response? "There are a lot more football stories I could tell, but when you're shooting for a certain page limit, you've got to leave stuff out." Great, more football stories. No doubt he had more stories about God, too.

When I asked the Mile-High Messiah if he had any intention of writing another book, he just looked at me, flashed the flashiest of grins and said "Maybe." And what did I do? Smiled back like one of those teenage girls, thanked him for his time and went on my merry way. "It was nice to see you too, Mr. Tim Tebow." Consider me charmed.

After coming out of Tattered Cover with a post-Tebow World high, I briefly felt like one of Tebow's cattle myself -- hell, I'd even wanted to buy a jersey. Then I shook it off, got in my car and drove away, dodging the cattle roaming the streets of LoDo, covered in orange and blue and the number 15, dazed and happy after meeting their messiah. And maybe they'll get to do it again after book number two: Through Their Glazed-Over Eyes.

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Cory Lamz
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