Time to Toss

Admit it: You know you watch those crazies on TV juggling flaming chainsaws. The burning tools of death float and twist in the air, tossed up and down in a mesmerizing blaze. Deep down, you wish you were that marvelous stuntman, one slip away from losing your hand, one twitch away from being the lead story on the nine o'clock news. But your rational side knows it would probably be smart to start with balls and think about taking a class — and now is the perfect time to pursue your dream. The Boulder Juggling Festival, taking place today and tomorrow at the Boulder Circus Center, 4747 North 26th Street, will host workshops for all levels of jugglers, from bean-bag tossers to absolute out-of-your-mind juggling juggernauts. There might not be any flaming chainsaws, but hey, it's a start.

Admission is $5 a day for access to the gym and all workshops — or wait till tomorrow, when dads juggle for free. And be sure to catch the Circus Arts Competition & Public Show this evening at 7 p.m. at Boulder High School, 1604 Arapahoe Avenue, to see how the pros do it.
June 15-17

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Taylor Sullivan
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